Transgender Makeup Artist Leads Thousands of Occultists in Monthly Hexes on Trump

(Image via GoFundMe)

Donald Trump lives rent-free in the heads of the Left, so much that we’re seeing them try anything and everything to try to bring him down. So little of what liberals go after Trump with sticks to him that their efforts have begun to smack of desperation.


Nowadays, Leftists’ attempts to bring the president down veer into the ridiculous. A group of hipsters in Brooklyn are now meeting regularly to put a hex on Trump. Yes, you read that right.

Over at the New York Times, a writer named Michelle Goldberg detailed a meeting at an occult store called Catland. A transgender former makeup artist named Dakota Bracciale, who recently raised thousands of dollars with multiple GoFundMe campaigns, leads the hexing sessions. Bracciale, who refers to himself as “they” and calls himself a “queer, non-binary witch living in Brooklyn” in on of the GoFundMe campaigns, claims to have grown up in an evangelical household “between ‘Jesus Camp’ and snake handlers” (news flash: not a typical Christian childhood) but left it all behind to pursue the occult.

The hexes sound like a cross between a cutesy chick flick about young women dabbling in witchcraft and a parody of a Bible study. According to the New York Times report, “Catland has held three packed ceremonies to hex Trump, which involve the use of ‘cursing ingredients’ as well as the recitation of Psalm 109: ‘Let his days be few, and let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow. Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg; let them seek their bread also from their desolate places.'”

“It might seem strange for people who reject monotheism to chant Bible verses,” according to the report, “but Bracciale often uses the Book of Psalms as a spellbook. (Wary of cultural appropriation, some of today’s young occultists look for esoteric strains in their own cultures rather than borrowing from foreign traditions.)”


Remember back in the early Obama days, when some folks on the Right misguidedly tried to apply those verses to the 44th president? The Left got up in arms over the co-option of those Bible verses to modern politics – such behavior was uncalled for and beyond the pale. Against Trump? It’s perfectly fine, although Bracciale claims to be aware of the irony, as Goldberg notes.

“They just use thoughts and prayers, and we know what those are worth,” Bracciale said with contempt. “With us, there’s structure around it, there is a methodology behind it.”

Goldberg claims that thousands of occultists meet every month to hex the president. The group of dabblers in witchcraft claims such luminaries as pop chanteuse Lana Del Rey. The interest in the dark supernatural appears to be a reaction to what these millennials view as circumstances beyond their control.

As people like Bracciale and Goldberg can’t cope with accepting defeat, they seek answers to a changing world. These coddled hipsters can’t bring themselves to admit that their candidate was terrible and couldn’t finish the drill and take the White House, and Lord knows they don’t dare find solace in the tried and true religious traditions they left behind. So the occult waits for them with open arms.

These would-be witches see themselves as a reaction to true believers who apply their deeply held faith to their political convictions. “It’s not surprising that the rise of Trump, a person who for many represents the inversion of all decent values, would create a supernatural reaction on the left,” Goldberg laments. “Millennial occultists might seem silly to outsiders, but you don’t have to believe in hexes, witchcraft or magic to take them seriously as a sign that many people find the present intolerable. Just under the surface of American culture, something furious is brewing.”


Of course, they don’t grasp that Christians and Jews on both sides of the aisle truly believe in the faith they talk about. True faith isn’t an hour or two spent grasping at straws trying to bring down the occupant of the White House; it’s a lifestyle, one that the self-absorbed hipsters in this Brooklyn coven won’t ever understand.

Oh well – let them keep it up, I guess. If they’re going to waste their time on hexes, maybe they won’t spend too much time trying to enact actual political change.



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