Still Need Proof That Zac Brown Is One Of America's Greatest Entertainers? Watch Him Tackle Sinatra Like A Master!

For anyone who doubts that Zac Brown is more than a mere country singer, I present to you Exhibit A to prove that he’s one of America’s greatest entertainers.


The Georgia native who fronts the band that bears his name recently performed at a concert for the upcoming CBS special Sinatra 100, celebrating the centennial of the birth of the Chairman of the Board. Brown performed “The Way You Look Tonight” in a way that would make Ol’ Blue Eyes himself proud.

Earlier this year, the Zac Brown Band released Jekyll + Hyde, an album that courted controversy over its genre-bending approach to music (and which I reviewed on this very site). The album has proven successful and continued to demonstrate what longtime fans of the group have known: that the guys in ZBB are too talented to fit in one genre of music.

The Sinatra concert isn’t Brown’s first foray into big band styles – Jekyll + Hyde includes “Mango Tree,” a duet with Sara Bareilles that sounds like a track from the classic American songbook. Zac Brown has proven both on record and live that he can croon and swing like a modern master. Is there anything this guy (and his band) can’t do?


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