COVID: 35 Texas Democrats Endanger Democracy With Superspreader Attack

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Today, let’s examine the continuing train wreck of the Texas Democrats, who fled Texas, moved to D.C. (where they’re staying in pretty nice hotels and Airbnbs at government expense), and somehow have developed at least five cases of COVID seropositivity as well as apparently infecting a couple (so far) of people they met with among the congressional and White House staff. 

Of course, this started with them running pictures of flying out of Texas on chartered planes, maskless and with a case of cheap beer — they took Miller Light; if they were going to take cheap beer, why not Lone Star, “the National Beer of Texas”? — and then taking a moment to “revise and correct” the evidence by replacing the picture with one that didn’t show the beer.

One of them, Gene Wu, became famous by tweeting pictures of his lunch and dinner — salads — while others tweeted pictures of their underwear drying on the shower rods in their bathrooms.

Just as an aside, by the way, how stupid do you have to be to book a chartered flight, and lodgings in D.C., and pick up a case of beer for the trip, and neither pack enough underwear nor know about wash-and-fold laundry services?

Okay, maybe the answer to that it too obvious.

So now we get to the meat of it. This is a group of 35 “fully vaccinated” people. Of them, five have tested positive in the ensuing week. That’s 5/35 or 1/7th — 14 percent.

According to the CDC, there are about 160 million fully vaccinated people in the U.S., and there have been around 10,000 “breakthrough” infections reported. Applying just a tiny bit of white-supremacist racist long division, that’s 0.0000625 of the fully vaccinated population — or around 0.006 percent. So, somehow, this plane load has achieved 2333 times the breakthrough infection rate of the general populace. 

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Wait, no, let’s use the legacy media method of reporting this: that’s 233,300 percent greater.

What’s more, in the course of a few days, they’ve already infected at least another couple of people among the “fully vaccinated” congressional and White House staff. 

(We know they’re fully vaccinated because it’s only mouth-breathing redneck Republicans who are refusing to get vaccinated.)

Now, I don’t know how many staffers had contact with them. But from the pictures of the Texas fleebaggers — meeting with members of Congress and staff, unmasked in a closed conference room — it’s clearly a couple of dozen at least. But in the interests of making a conservative estimate, let’s say it was 100 people. Then they’ve achieved the notable accomplishment of infecting two percent of the fully vaccinated congressional staffers with whom they met. In a few days.

Now, I’d hate to suggest that anyone is lying to us. If I were to suggest that, I’d start by asking them to show their vaccination cards because I don’t believe they had that many breakthrough infections in that small group for a single second. And in fact, I did ask the famous Gene Wu for his vaccination card on Twitter, but still, I’d hate to suggest that the Honorable Members are lying to us. So I won’t. But that’s what I’d ask if I were to suspect them of lying.

Which, of course, I’d hate to do.

But since I don’t want to suggest that, let’s agree they’re telling the truth about their vaccinations. Then they should be quarantined in an isolation ward at Bethesda, if not a Level 4 Containment in the blower lab at Fort Detrick, because they’ve apparently got a new Texas Democrat variant of SARS-CoV-2 that is 2333 times more contagious among the fully vaccinated than the other known variants — including the notoriously dangerous Delta variant. A new variant that is immensely more contagious, but not very virulent at all since all anyone has reported is some sniffles.

Of course, they should also make their vaccination records public, so we can all see which vaccinations were not effective. 

What this does mean is the Texas fleebaggers have precipitated a dangerous superspreader event that has endangered both Congress and the White House. And there have got to be some consequences.

Update: Make it six.


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