Unsuspecting Woman Takes Dog to 'Furry' Convention Thinking It's a Pet Convention

Ever heard of “furries”?

If you haven’t, well, let me explain. Furries are people who really aren’t very comfortable in their own skin, so they like to dress up as cartoon character animals and attend conventions and social events with others who feel the same way. This allows them to meet others, socialize, and become friendly.


Very friendly. Very very friendly.

They also tend to be animal lovers. (No, not like that.) So, when the Motor City Furry Con arranged to make charitable contributions to Pets for Vets, Cheryl Wassus brought her Bernese Mountain Dog, Link, to the convention, figuring it was some kind of animal-lover event.

Which, strictly, I guess it was.

In any case, she was received warmly, and the dog enjoyed it, although he was apparently pretty puzzled at all these people with tails. Link (the dog) was having a good time:

He did some posing with attendees:


Now, in this one, Wassus’s son, Kenny, who turns out to be a producer at New York Magazine, thinks Link is starting to panic.

Personally, I think Link is saying, “Okay, seriously?”

In any case, everyone had a good time, and the event drew $10,000 for Pets for Vets. So there was a happy ending.


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