‘Weak’ Appeaser: GOP Figures Blame Biden as Iran Attacks Israel

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As Iran carries out a major drone attack on Israel, escalating the conflict there, multiple Republicans slammed Joe Biden for empowering Iran and undermining Israel.


Joe Biden has been pandering to Iran—despite the latter’s increasing aggressiveness—ever since he took office. Biden has also lavished aid on the Hamas-loving Gazans while making outrageous demands of Israel, thus funding both sides of the conflict and backstabbing U.S. ally Israel. Americans took to Twitter/X to critique Biden’s catastrophic foreign policy, for which Israel is paying the price.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) called out the Biden administration’s weakness: “Iran’s drone strikes against Israel are a direct result of Joe Biden’s weak foreign policy. Less than a month ago, the Biden Administration refused to back our ally during the UNSC’s [United Nations Security Council] ceasefire vote. Now more than ever, America must reaffirm our support for Israel.”

Former Georgia state representative Vernon Jones also laid the blame at Biden’s door. “Iran received 150 billion dollars that was frozen from the US. Iran has attacked Israel. It's now war. @JoeBiden did that!” Jones argued.

Former Trump State Department spokeswoman and show host Morgan Ortagus presented yet another view of the situation. “Reminder: Biden allowed the UN sanctions on Iran's drones and ballistic missiles to expire less than six months ago. The very same drones and missiles en route to Israel right now,” she claimed.


Gen. Mike Flynn slammed the irresponsible and dangerous use of U.S. taxpayer funds. “The dirty little secret is that U.S. taxpayers are funding all sides of the war in the Middle East,” he posted. “We’re funding Iran (a state sponsor of terror), all of its surrogates (Hamas, Hezbollah & the Houthi rebels in Yemen), we’re funding Israel (who is suppose to be our closest ally) and we’re still funding Iraq (a satellite of Iran)…so we’re funding the entire war (both sides). That is because of zero and I mean zero leadership in WDC [Washington, D.C.].”

He added, “And we’re still funding the war in Ukraine! Pray for America, because we are rapidly collapsing on our own weight due to weak, pathetic, feckless leaders across all parties in WDC.” No wonder Israeli leaders seem disinclined to trust America right now.

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Former Trump official Richard Grenell contrasted the current international situation with what it was only a few years ago with a different U.S. president. “Donald Trump had Iran broke. Joe Biden gave the Iran Regime hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, credit and cash. Iran is now attacking Israel with Joe Biden’s money,” Grenell argued. Donald Trump himself made a similar comment on his Truth Social platform: “ISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK! This should never have been allowed to happen - This would NEVER have happened if I were President!”


Commentator Sebastian Gorka agreed, “None of this, or the war in Ukraine, would have occurred with President Trump in the White House.”

We should pray for Israel as it fights off this new terroristic attack from the Islamic dictatorship of Iran.


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