CCP Propaganda Has Infected Hundreds of U.S. K-12 Classrooms

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A recent congressional hearing highlighted the fact that the U.S.-hating Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has infiltrated hundreds of American schools with its propaganda.


The House Committee on Education and the Workforce held a hearing on Sept. 19 titled, “Academic Freedom Under Attack: Loosening the CCP’s Grip on America’s Classrooms.” It exposed the serious problem of Chinese Communist government propaganda in American classrooms.

Confucius Institutes operate at universities and schools in America, ostensibly to teach Chinese language and culture; but, since they are funded by the CCP, they actually operate as Chinese government propaganda mouthpieces. While many (though not all) of the university Confucius Institutes have closed down, the CCP is still aggressively trying to spread propaganda through the Confucius Classrooms initiative in K-12 American schools.

Rep. Aaron Bean (R-FL) said during the hearing’s opening statement (transcription by Campus Reform), “Over 500 K-12 schools across the United States have allowed the CCP to establish itself in their halls under the guise of Confucius Classrooms.” He insisted, “The risk posed by the proliferation of Confucius Classrooms is threefold, threatening America’s national, geopolitical, and academic interests.”

Bean also cited a July report uncovering CCP ties in school districts close to 20 military bases. The report, from Parents Defending Education, was called “Little Red Classrooms” and found 143 school districts overall with CCP infiltration. The Confucius Institutes and Classrooms represent $17,967,565.12 in funding between 2009 and 2023, according to Parents Defending Education. “These ties raise serious concerns about the safety and security of military children and secrets,” Bean stated. “The CCP’s presence near our bases can be seen as a direct attempt to target and influence these vulnerable populations, potentially compromising our national security in the process.”


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Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters testified that the report spurred him and his staff to investigate the Tulsa Public School District, where they found a “disturbing” CCP tie. “Through a series of non-profits, that school district maintains an active connection with the CCP through a program called Confucius Classrooms,” Walters said.

Committee Chairwoman Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) told Campus Reform, “The CCP’s goal is to make the United States less secure, cause chaos with propaganda, and influence American citizens. Make no mistake, every action the CCP takes is calculated with this goal in mind. The Committee will continue to pressure the administration to take action.”

The CCP insults the U.S. on a daily basis and has even threatened war—it is very openly America’s number one enemy in the world. No school district should be maintaining “an active connection” with the CCP.


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