Propaganda Fail: More Americans Are Supporting Bigger Families

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As the leftist assault on the family continues, a new Gallup poll has good news. Americans are rejecting the anti-family rhetoric, with more people supporting bigger families of three or more children than at any time since 1971.


A trend for years has been for outlets to discuss and legitimize unscientific claims that “climate change” could be worsened by having children. Then there’s the radical left’s obsession with having as many abortions as possible, and the LGBTQ campaign to separate children from parents, “gender transitioning” children in secret and treating parents as the enemy. Add radical feminism into the mix, encouraging women to think that a solo career is far more fulfilling than having a family. It’s a multi-directional attack on the nuclear family, but this attack has apparently been a little less successful than one might expect.

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A new Gallup poll, published Sept. 25, showed an overall rejection of the leftist rhetoric. Nine in ten U.S. adults either have children or want to have children, with only eight percent of adults expressing no desire for children at all.

When asked about the ideal number of children for a family to have, a 44% plurality of U.S. adults think having two children is best, and 3% say a single child is ideal, totaling a 47% preference for smaller families.

At the same time, 45% of Americans favor larger families, including 29% who say having three children is ideal, 12% who think four is best, and 2% each who prefer having five or six or more children.

Only two percent of Americans see the ideal family as having no children, Gallup’s results showed. While young people (under 30) are the least likely to have children already, 21% have kids and 63% want to have kids.


Men and women are “about evenly divided” in their family size preferences (44% men, 46% women for 3+ kids) but when it comes to age, adults aged 18 to 29 are the most likely to describe 3+ children as ideal. Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely than white Americans to favor larger families, and Catholics and regular attendees at religious services are more likely to prefer larger families while non-religious Americans favor smaller families.

Gallup noted that a person’s family size in reality does not necessarily correlate with his “ideal” family size. For instance, a “48% plurality of those without children and a slim 51% majority of parents of one each see having two children as ideal.”

Multiple studies have indicated that much of the world, including America, is actually headed to a dangerous population collapse. Also, people who have families are less likely to be caught up in leftist political activism, and married women are less dependent on the government than single women. Thus we need to have children to avoid national suicide — and to have a meaning in life that is not bestowed by an overreaching government.

Americans seem to be turning from the anti-family rhetoric, and this is an encouraging sign that nature will win and help our society to survive.



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