Biden Fail: Hungary Providing Shelter for 250 Maui Families

(Tamas Kovacs/MTI via AP)

Amidst harsh criticism of the Biden administration and Hawaii government officials for their response to the devastating and deadly Maui fires, the Hungarian government has reportedly stepped up to provide shelter for 250 Maui families.


There had been ample warning of the serious risk of wildfires and millions of dollars available to spend on preparing for them. Nonetheless, when fire raged through Lahaina this month, water was not initially released to fight it, government negligence had exacerbated the flammable nature of the area, people were blocked from escaping, and the exact death toll is unknown as hundreds of people are still missing, including many children.

The Biden administration was slammed for its apparent initial indifference before Biden’s eventual gaffe-filled and out-of-touch visit. Local officials have also faced angry criticism. Not to mention, federal aid officials were caught staying in four-star and five-star hotels 45 minutes from Lahaina as survivors lacked sufficient aid. But Hungary is stepping up.

From Newsmax, August 20:

The Hungarian government is stepping forward to help the families in Hawaii after the devastating and deadly Maui wildfires claimed more than 100 lives and leveled the homes and businesses in the Lahaina community.

Hungary is pledging to provide pop-up homes for 250 families by the end of October, with the first shipment of 20 delivered by the Hungarian Armed Forces by Monday, Hungarian Ambassador to the U.S. Szabolcs Takács, based in Washington, D.C., announced in statement to Newsmax.

Takács’s statement said, “With the assistance of the Hungarian Government, Continest Technologies Zrt., a Hungarian SME specialized in designing and manufacturing efficiently deployable, modular and multifunctional temporary infrastructure solutions, is donating foldable containers to the relief effort in Hawaii that will provide shelter for 250 families by the end of October 2023.”


The ambassador added, “The deployment of the shelters has begun today via air by the Hungarian Armed Forces, and the first 20 containers are expected to arrive to Maui on Monday [Aug. 21].”

Anti-Communist, right-leaning Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Joe Biden have hardly been amicable before this; in fact, Hungary was reportedly the only European Union member state with no invite to Biden’s “Summit for Democracy” this year. Biden called Orbán one of “the thugs in the world” in 2020 while bashing Donald Trump, who was friendly with Orbán. The Hungarian Prime Minister‘s stance on issues such as unrestricted migration have angered even more leftist leaders. But none of that appears to be affecting Hungary’s disaster relief for Maui.

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The Hungarian government is doing a good and generous thing, but it is sad that a European country has to provide shelter for Americans as American officials spend taxpayer money on luxury hotel accommodations for themselves.



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