‘Black Voices for Trump’ Leader Only Trump GA Co-Defendant Denied Bail

Leftist media and politicians love to screech that the justice system is racist and rigged against black Americans — except when the target is a Trump supporter, like Harrison Floyd, leader of “Black Voices for Trump” and the only Georgia co-defendant of Donald Trump to be denied bail.


Former President Trump was indicted for the fourth time on Aug. 14 by the Fulton County Superior Court under District Attorney Fani Willis. Trump and 18 other individuals, including Trump allies Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Floyd, and Jeff Clark, are charged with allegedly interfering with the 2020 presidential election. Trump said the indictment is part of the “Witch Hunt” against him on TruthSocial. Article III Project founder and president Mike Davis, a Republican legal expert, also critiqued the indictment in exclusive comments to PJ Media, slamming the Georgia charges and calling all the Trump indictments “dangerous and destructive attacks” on America.

Harrison Floyd is one of two black co-defendants in the Georgia indictment, according to Breitbart. He founded Black Voices for Trump in 2019 “to support Trump’s re-election campaign and to highlight record-low black unemployment, the creation of opportunity zones, and other achievements for black Americans under Trump,” Breitbart added. Floyd cannot afford legal counsel and thus had to represent himself during his first court appearance. He is currently being held in a jail notorious for its awful conditions.


A different Floyd (George) who was a criminal and likely died of a drug overdose, was praised as a sort of martyr and tragic victim by Democrats — from Joe “If you don’t vote for me, ‘you ain’t black’” Biden on down. Antifa and BLM activists were shielded and lauded despite their mass destruction and violent attacks. But Harrison Floyd, whose group helped clean up the looting from leftist activists in the 2019 Summer of Love and Mostly Peaceful Protests, is in jail without bail. Is that not a double standard?

From Breitbart:

According to the indictment by District Attorney Fani Willis, Floyd is accused of trying to pressure an election worker into testifying about alleged ballot manipulation. A police officer was present during that conversation…

Judge Emily Richardson deemed him a flight risk, despite the non-violent nature of the charges against him, because he also faces a charge in Maryland that he assaulted an FBI agent who came to his home to serve him with a subpoena to testify at the grand jury in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s federal investigation…

In 2020, during the Black Lives Matter riots, volunteers from Black Voices for Trump cleaned up cities that were damaged, such as Kenosha, Wisconsin…A Marine Corps veteran, Floyd will now be held until his trial at the Fulton County Jail, which left-wing Slate.com decried as a jail where “nobody” should be held because of poor conditions there, where people die in “squalor.”


Slate noted, according to Breitbart, that white defendants are “rarely” held in the jail. Black Lives Matter has yet to condemn Floyd’s incarceration without bail.

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Democrats never really change. Whether it’s Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, Winsome Sears, Mark Robinson, or Harrison Floyd, black Republicans face unjust anger and political persecution from Democrats. Floyd will be tried and perhaps sentenced in court, but it certainly seems as if the same system protecting the likes of Hunter Biden and Antifa radicals is applying a double standard to Harrison Floyd.


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