Is ‘Decreasing’ Inflation a Clever Deception?

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Inflation is still going up, just at a slightly slower rate. And one organization is calling out the clever deception of “decreasing inflation.”

Despite the economic pain so many Americans are feeling, the Biden administration has mystifyingly decided to tout “Bidenomics,” or Biden‘s economic policies, as one of his strong points. I analyzed exactly how Bidenomics is actually hurting Americans, with real wages falling and inflation and gas prices still rising, in a recent piece. Now the Center for Renewing America and one of its Fellows are exposing the apparent deception of the supposed decrease in inflation. It’s a clever little numbers game.


Center for Renewing America posted on X a headline from Fox News that summed up information an economist had provided: “The average American household is spending $709 MORE than they did two years ago to buy the same goods and services.” Center for Renewing America commented sarcastically on Biden’s slogan, “Build back better? More like build back BROKE!”

Center for Renewing America Fellow and FBI whistleblower Steve Friend demonstrated what “decreasing” inflation actually looks like in an answering post:

“Low” Inflation on prior inflation is a deception.
January: $1
February: $2 (100% inflation)
March: $3 (50% drop in inflation)
April: $4 (17% drop in inflation)
May: $5 (8% drop in inflation)
June: $6 (5% drop in inflation)

Price jumped 500% while gov’t claims inflation is down

In other words, we pay more money even as the Biden administration takes a victory lap for supposedly bringing down inflation.

In fact, just ten days ago, Biden’s official X (Twitter) account posted, “We have the lowest rate of inflation among the G7, down two thirds from its peak. That’s Bidenomics: growing the economy by creating jobs, lowering costs for hardworking families, and making smart investments in America.” The G7 includes seven of the world’s most wealthy countries that meet annually to communicate on “global security, economic, and climate concerns,” according to TIME.

A Community Notes context label on Biden’s post cited a report from the international Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The note stated, “According to a report released on July 4, 2023, Japan had the lowest inflation rate among the G7 countries in May of that year. The year-on-year inflation for the G7 as a whole fell to 4.6%, with Japan’s rate specifically registering below 3.5%.”


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But regardless of what Japan’s inflation rate is currently compared to ours, the reality is that inflation is still a serious problem for American citizens. And by pretending that Biden’s economy is a point of self-congratulation for Democrats, the mainstream media and the Democrat party are ignoring facts and data.



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