‘A Hoax’: Steve Milloy Exposes Climate Fearmongering About Hot Weather

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As always, climate alarmists are full of hot air. As politicians and media — including Joe Biden — screech hysterically about supposedly record heat, climate truth teller Steve Milloy consistently provides evidence counteracting the doomsday narrative of “man-made climate change.”

After 50+ years of failed eco-apocalypse predictions, it’s no surprise to find that climate alarmists are cherry-picking or manipulating some data and ignoring inconvenient evidence to prop up their climate narrative. Media and politicians are ignoring the areas of America that are cooler than previous summers — but they’re also ignoring data upending their claims of record heat.

Data shows that the world has not in fact experienced global warming for the last eight years. Also, a recent study found that CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are too low to cause global warming. Not only that but no fewer than 36 climate models were also recently found to have overestimated warming in the U.S. corn belt. These are the stories you won’t hear from climate alarmist media.

One of the tweets from Junk Science’s Milloy fact-checked a weird claim from Hillary Clinton that MAGA Republicans are somehow responsible for the heat wave some states are experiencing. Milloy cited EPA data to note, “Even EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] admits heat waves have dramatically declined since the 1930s.” You mean Hillary is crazier than Joe Biden’s dog?

“June was not the ‘hottest month’ on the satellite record. June 1998 was,” Milloy continued. “Phoenix has not broken any temperature records from weather alone.” So this alleged MAGA-driven heat is “a hoax.”

Earlier, Milloy had critiqued similar fear-mongering about Texas, “Texas had a heat wave of even greater magnitude in 1980 causing 2,000 deaths. Like that and all heat waves, this one is just weather.” The same reality check can be applied to California’s Death Valley. Milloy criticized a Los Angeles Times piece about Death Valley (DV) hitting 129°F in a supposedly “spiraling, unnatural human disaster,” saying, “DV hit 134°F in 1934, 80% of industrial era CO2 ago. Hot weather has zero to do w/emissions.” Texas, California, and Arizona aren’t in unprecedented weather crises.

Milloy has responded to many other articles claiming America is experiencing disastrous, emissions-driven heat. For instance, he responded to a Washington Post claim that “July 3 was the hottest day in modern records — until temperatures hit new highs in subsequent days.” According to Milloy, even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has backed away from that assertion. “Actual measured temperatures at Temperature.global [sic] from those days indicated the ‘average global temperature’ remained constant at about 57.5°F,” Milloy tweeted.

Speaking of claims about emissions causing global warming, Milloy tweeted:

Not a single extreme weather event can be:

1. Factually shown to be unprecedented; or

2. Scientifically shown to be linked to emissions.

Keep in mind that the world was so warm 400,000 years ago that Northwest Greenland was ice free.

It is interesting that the same people who affirm the Ice Age and the warmer temperatures of the dinosaurs’ Mesozoic Era claim that man is about to destroy the earth by driving cars.

As Nobel physics prize winner John Clauser calls out the climate hoax, Milloy agreed there’s been “No global warming in almost 9 years despite 500 billion tons of emissions.”

Keep an eye on Milloy’s Twitter (or X?) feed for more facts to prevent you from worrying about the globe imminently bursting into flames. Also consider becoming a PJ Media VIP member for more objective reporting on the alleged “climate crisis.”

Ultimately, leftists in media and government are doing their usual climate doom-prophesying for political reasons, not because they want to save the planet or because we’re really in danger of an eco-apocalypse. As Milloy put it, “The Biden regime is simply trying to terrorize the public about the weather for its bogus climate agenda.”

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