Palestinians Committed 5,300+ Terrorist Attacks on Israelis in 2022

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Let’s talk about real hate crimes. Palestinians committed over 5,300 terrorist attacks on Israelis in 2022. Since that’s Islamic extremist terrorism, don’t expect leftists to care.


Many governments and activists around the world would love you to believe that Palestinians rightfully own much of Israel and that they are abused and disenfranchised by Israelis. In reality, Israel is legitimate and legal, the so-called “Palestinians” have repeatedly refused their own state, and Palestinian terrorists committed 5,326 terrorist attacks on Israel in 2022, per the Israeli prime minister’s office.

From the UK Guardian:

In 2022, Israelis suffered from over 5,000 Palestinian terror attacks, including car-rammings, shootings, stabbings and bombings targeting innocent men, women and children on the streets of Israel. This is the reality on the ground. On 10 February, for example, a Palestinian drove his car into a crowded bus stop, killing three people, including two brothers aged six and eight. Just imagine you or your loved ones falling victim to such abhorrent terror on your way to work. This is precisely why Israel’s counter-terrorism apparatus exists, because without it I dread to think how many more zeros would be added to that 5,000 total.

Israel has shown its desire for peace with the Palestinians throughout the years, including several attempts to sign peace agreements in 1993, 2000, 2008 and 2014 and we continue to reach out for peace. However, violence is rife.

Palestinians regularly celebrate terrorists killed by Israelis while engaged in or because of terrorist activities as “martyrs.” Indeed, a top Palestinian Authority official just called a jihadi who was responsible for the murder of five people “the DNA of all the Palestinian nationalists,” per JihadWatch.


The Palestinians are proud of their terrorism and their determination to wipe Israel off the map. They even indoctrinate children into believing terrorism against Israel is praiseworthy and necessary.

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A nation of “Palestine” has never existed, the current “Palestinians” are a conglomeration of other peoples (they are more accurately called “Arabs”), and the Palestinian Authority is largely controlled by terrorists. The Arabs originally (early 1900s) enjoyed more concessions from the British and refused an offer of much of the land of what is now legitimately and legally Israel. (Israel, of course, did exist as a nation previously in history—anyone who has read the Bible knows that.) The Arabs — or, as they now call themselves, “Palestinians” — have repeatedly refused offers of their own state while carrying out, as noted above, thousands of terrorist attacks annually.

Israelis (Jewish, Christian, and Arab) are the victims, and the Palestinians are the victimizers. Anyone who tells you differently is either ignorant or lying.



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