Brazil Builds Carbon-Spewers to Simulate ‘Climate Change’ Killing the Amazon

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What do you do if your fake catastrophe isn’t happening? Induce it. At least, that seems to be what Brazil is doing. In order to simulate the alleged future effects of “climate change” killing the Amazon rainforest, the country is deliberately pumping carbon into the atmosphere to try and discover at what point the rainforest will start to die.


First, carbon is not quite the threat that climate alarmists would like you to believe. It is, in fact, not only necessary but also a vital part of the circle of life. Plants literally need carbon to thrive, and, of course, plants turn carbon into oxygen. Humans also contain carbon.

I am not a scientist, however, so I am willing to concede that there might potentially be a point at which too much carbon can become damaging for living things, including plants. Since climate alarmists have been wildly and consistently wrong for 50 years, I am not holding my breath for that disaster to occur. Though that is what people could be doing (holding their breath) if climate alarmists get their way with zero emissions and killing the Amazon in pursuit of science — less carbon, fewer trees, less oxygen to breathe. And don’t question the experts, you ignorant science denier.

The Associated Press reported on May 24:

In the depths of the Amazon, Brazil is building an otherworldly structure — a complex of towers arrayed in six rings, poised to spray mists of carbon dioxide into the rainforest. But the reason is utterly terrestrial: to understand how the world’s largest tropical forest responds to climate change.

Dubbed AmazonFACE, the project will probe the forest’s remarkable ability to sequester carbon dioxide — an essential piece in the puzzle of world climate change. This will help scientists understand whether the region has a tipping point that could throw it into a state of irreversible decline. Such a feared event, also known as the Amazon forest dieback, would transform the world’s most biodiverse forest into a drier savannah-like landscape…The construction of the initial two rings is underway and they are expected to be operational by early August. Each ring will consist of 16 aluminum towers as high as a 12-story building. The carbon dioxide will be supplied by three companies to avoid any shortage.


Wouldn’t want to be in danger of running out of the substance expected to damage or even kill part of a key ecosystem!

”Even if we halted deforestation in the Amazon basin today, the forest would still be at risk of experiencing the consequences of a tipping point due to climate change,” claimed AmazonFACE scientist David Lapola.

The FACE in AmazonFACE stands for Free Air CO2 Enrichment, the AP explained, and the technology was developed by New York’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. The Brazilian federal National Institute for Amazon Research leads the project, with $9 million of funding from the British government. The AP said that the project is set to be fully operational by the middle of 2024. An atmospheric chemist who claims that the eastern Amazon is a source of more carbon than it absorbs praised the project, the AP added.

But if there’s one thing we have learned after decades of failed climate predictions and money-sucking climate projects, it’s that we cannot trust the experts.


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