EXCLUSIVE: Lawsuit Exposes How 'CCP Actively Uses TikTok To Target Americans'

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A spokesman for the anti-CCP New Federal State of China (NFSC) weighed in on a lawsuit exposing Chinese government access to TikTok parent ByteDance’s US data in exclusive comments to PJ Media, saying: “In order to take down America, the CCP must completely deconstruct fundamental American values.”


The New York Post reported May 15 on the allegations in a “bombshell lawsuit” from Yintao “Roger” Yu, who says he was fired from his position as head of engineering for ByteDance’s U.S. operations after he critiqued company actions to superiors. Chinese ByteDance owns TikTok. Yu insisted ByteDance pushes Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda on its U.S.-based app TikTok. But that’s not even the worst part:

The Chinese Communist Party “maintained supreme access” to all data held by TikTok parent ByteDance, including information stored in the US, a former top executive at the company alleged in a bombshell lawsuit in California state court…[Yu] asserted that ByteDance leadership knew that a special committee within the Chinese government had a “backdoor channel” to access US user data – despite the company’s repeated denials that such a relationship existed, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by Bloomberg

The suit described ByteDance’s actions as a ‘worldwide scheme (including in California) to steal and profit from the copyrighted works of others’ [including Instagram and Snapchat].

The lawsuit further accuses TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew of “misdirection” when downplaying TikTok’s CCP ties. ByteDance claimed in defense that Yu was only employed there for a year, on a now-discontinued app called Flipagram. The CCP owns a board seat and financial stake in TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, and the CCP requires all companies to share data, including non-public data, with the government. The CCP also practices “civil-military fusion”—where everything in the economic and tech spheres is accessible to the Chinese military.


The New Federal State of China was founded in 2020 to take down the CCP by Miles Guo (aka Wengui or Miles Kwok), a Chinese dissident, and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon. The NFSC spokesman argued that the new lawsuit presents evidence that “the CCP actively uses TikTok to target Americans, including our youth in order to manipulate user behavior.”

The spokesman referred to a recent Reboot poll showing that 61 percent of the “TikTok generation,” American youth ages 13 to 24, would be willing to sacrifice their voting rights for a year to stay on social media, particularly TikTok. “In order to take down America, the CCP must completely deconstruct fundamental American values, which is precisely why we are seeing American youth willing to give up their voting power to keep the CCP’s spy app. Make no mistake, this is the deliberate result of social engineering by the CCP to weaken America from within by corrupting its youth,” he said.

The CCP has long had a plan to undermine America that includes technology and social media, according to the NFSC spokesman:

Mr. Miles Guo first exposed in 2017 the CCP’s BGY and 3F Plan to destroy America. 

– B stands for Blue: Cyberwarfare and Surveillance

– G stands for Gold: Bribery and Financial Compromise

– Y stands for Yellow: Honey Trap and Sexespionage 

3F Stands for 

– Foment Weakness

– Foment Chaos

– Foment Destruction

The CCP does wage cyber warfare on the United States.

The NFSC spokesman then referred to his previous exclusive comments regarding an EDNY (Eastern District of New York) indictment with evidence that “the CCP has a ‘912 Task Force’ at its Ministry of State Security, which oversees the CCP’s foreign espionage efforts to persecute Chinese dissidents like Mr. Guo.” This indictment “revealed that some of the missions assigned to the 912 task force include taking advantage of Geoge Floyd’s death to incite racial division, as well as using social media apps to influence the 2022 mid-term elections,” the spokesman said, tying the CCP espionage back in with social media.

The CCP supports illegal trafficking of deadly fentanyl across the open southern U.S. border and wages economic warfare on the U.S. There were also multiple illicit CCP police stations identified in America. “With fentanyl deaths continuing to pile up, spy balloons flying over our heads, national debt exploding, and CCP agents roaming our streets…it is clear that the CCP has already waged war on America,” the NFSC spokesman said.

He argued that Miles Guo should be released by the U.S. government, which has jailed him without bail (in contrast to its treatment of CCP spies), calling Guo “America’s greatest strategic asset against the CCP.” Guo worked to wake up “the world about the CCP.”

Ultimately, the NFSC spokesman called on America to begin treating the CCP threat more seriously. “The question is, when will the U.S. wake up to the reality and treat the CCP as our greatest existential threat?”



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