Gen. Milley Claims Threat of Number-One U.S. Enemy China Is Exaggerated

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Gen. Mark “Wreck-It Ralph” Milley is at it again. The Joint Chiefs chair has declared that the rhetoric around the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is “overheated” — even though he himself confessed the Chinese army believes war is imminent. But considering Milley previously called the CCP to tell them he’d warn them if then-President Trump were about to attack China, making him a traitor, something tells me he’s not to be trusted.


Defense One reported that Milley said we should “lower the rhetoric” on China, even though China is doing the opposite. The site’s Kevin Barron interviewed Milley, who ignored the fact that China is becoming ever more openly hostile to the U.S. (even threatening military action), has boasted about replacing the U.S.-led world order, and is pushing to replace the dollar with the yuan as the global reserve currency. But somehow Milley thinks we shouldn’t be too concerned.

Ironically, Milley himself said the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) thinks it’s about to fight the U.S. “My understanding and my analysis of China is that at least their military, and perhaps others, have come to some sort of conclusion that war with the United States is inevitable. I think that’s a very dangerous thing.” Darn right it is.

While the PLA has been strengthening its army, the U.S. military has seen a worrisome drop in recruitment, had a sharp increase in various serious diseases and medical conditions (possibly due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate), and implemented various woke diversity programs and standards. Meanwhile, China practices “civil-military fusion,” where everything in the economic and tech spheres is directly accessible to the Chinese military. So I think if the PLA believes war is imminent, the rest of China does too — and that’s serious.


”And [war] could happen. I mean, it is possible that you could have an incident or some other trigger event that could lead to uncontrolled escalation,” Milley rambled. “So, it’s not impossible. But I don’t think at this point I would put it in the likely category. And I think that the rhetoric itself can overheat the environment.” Someone should let Chinese state media know because it publishes aggressively anti-U.S. pieces every day. A recent article from CCP state propaganda outlet Global Times boasted that meetings with various world leaders illustrated how China was successfully defeating U.S. policy to support anti-U.S. globalization.

We have transgenders in the U.S. military, men in heels who prioritize wokeness over military readiness. The CCP, in contrast, has just banned “sissy men” in their media, as PJ Media’s Ben Bartee reported. Milley would certainly be out.

”I’d prefer to go back to what Teddy Roosevelt said, which is, you know, ‘speak softly, carry a big stick’ sort of thing,” Milley opined. “So: Have our military really, really strong [and] lower the rhetoric a little bit with the temperature.” Because a U.S. military bleeding recruitment and promoting transgenders is “really, really strong.” And where was that speaking softly part when Milley called the CCP to offer advanced warning of an attack?


As an interesting side note, former intelligence officer and Trump advisor Anthony Shaffer recently said, “[I]nstitutions of the United States government, to include the White House, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, were paid millions of dollars to essentially defer to China.” Does that include military leaders like Milley?

Milley helped oversee the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, don’t forget.

”I just think that it needs to be a little bit more realistic and a little bit less, perhaps, emotional, I suppose. But also on the China side…I just think, for us, the United States, approach this with some steely-eyed, cold-eyed realism,” Milley said. Where is the realism here? Milley is just spouting nonsense to cover for the severe threat the CCP poses. It’s no wonder some people call him Wreck-It Ralph.



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