China Demands U.S. Abandon Taiwan and Apologize for Shooting Down Spy Balloon

AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying, File

After claiming its spy balloon was a harmless weather balloon and angrily condemning the Biden administration for shooting the balloon down (after it crossed the continental U.S.), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now not only demanding that the U.S. take all the blame for the incident but also that the U.S. abandon its unofficial ally Taiwan. As usual, the genocidal CCP is uninhibited by any interest in truth or justice.


CCP state propaganda outlet Xinhua News published a statement from a Chinese Foreign Ministry (FM) spokesman on Feb. 19. The spokesman said that China acceded to a U.S. request and that Wang Yi, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, unofficially met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken “on the margins of the Munich Security Conference.” That wording itself practically drips with disdain.

And just as during the spy balloon debacle, Wang issued a sort of ultimatum, steadily insisting that the CCP — which has planted spies in every sector of U.S. society and government and has police stations in New York and Los Angeles — is thoroughly righteous and free from blame.

Wang accused the U.S. of “an abuse of the use of force and violation of customary international practice and the International Civil Aviation Covenant” by shooting down the spy balloon, which the CCP has claimed was a weather balloon accidentally driven off course. Wang accused America of being the “number one country in terms of surveillance,” saying the U.S. “illegally”  flew balloons over China a number of times.


What the U.S. needs to do is to demonstrate sincerity, and face up to and resolve the damage that its abuse of force has done to China-U.S. relations. If the U.S. continues to dramatize, hype up or escalate the situation, China will surely respond by doing what is necessary. All consequences arising thereof shall be borne by the U.S. side.

Wang boasted of China’s supposed “constructive role” in promoting peace regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has been going on for almost a year. “We never accept the U.S.’s finger-pointing or even coercion targeting China-Russia relations,” Wang lectured, urging a settlement of the war, during which China has supported Russia’s claims. After pontificating about its alleged commitment to various noble ideals (forget the fact the CCP is the greatest mass murderer of all time), the spokesman’s statement added:

Wang pointed out that to maintain stability across the Taiwan Strait, “Taiwan independence” must be firmly opposed and the one-China principle must be credibly followed. On the Taiwan question, the U.S. side needs to respect history and the facts, abide by political commitments, and act upon the statement of “not supporting Taiwan independence.”


Taiwan is legitimate and free China, and the CCP has no right to take over the country. Unfortunately, Taiwan might well be quickly abandoned by America if and when the CCP attacks because the U.S. State Department says, “The United States has a longstanding one China policy… We oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side; we do not support Taiwan independence” (emphasis added). And we know the Biden administration can definitely be trusted to stick up for freedom against tyrannical regimes.


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