California Will Pay Students $22 an Hour for Climate Activism

(AP Photo/Michel Euler)

Did you know that California students could get paid for being woke climate crazies? The recently formed #CaliforniansForAll College Corps will pay $22 an hour, almost $7 above California’s minimum wage ($15.50), for 450 hours of community service work.  This “community service,” which was previously considered volunteer, includes climate activism. Nice “work” if you can get it.


The corps is under the jurisdiction of California Volunteers, a self-described State Commission affiliated with and appointed by the Governor’s Office, which would seem to indicate that the $10,000 each student will receive for activism is taxpayer money. The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps website specifically mentions illegal aliens or “Dream Act Students” in its description.

Campus Reform said that the $10,000 stipend for climate change activism, which works out to about $22 an hour, comes soon after “recent green energy policies that have left [California] and many of its universities without power.” 

California’s College Corps program, which started in 2021 (according to Campus Reform), applies to 3,200 “low-income” students from 46 California universities. And 500 of those students are illegal aliens or “dreamers,” who qualify for in-state tuition with their DACA status, according to the corps’ website. Over 500,000 California college students “are delinquent or in default of their student loans,” Campus Reform said.

A program brochure broke down the different categories, saying that half of the participants will be “tutors or mentors in K-12 education.” Meanwhile, 28% will supposedly “address food insecurity” and 22% will be “taking climate action.” And 80% are “students of color.” Does that happen naturally or does the program deliberately exclude people based on their skin color? Impossible to know for sure, of course.


California Volunteers Chief Communications and External Affairs Officer Cristian Valdivia emailed Campus Reform that “climate actions include wildfire mitigation (ie: home hardening), energy conservation, urban greening (ie: tree planting and community gardens), waste diversion, food rescue and environmental education.” Other state leaders have reportedly been vaguer. 

The 450 hours will be completed during the academic year. As student loan debt reaches a record high, Valdivia insisted that “the goal of this service and professional development program is to reduce the cost of college, providing a debt free pathway.” Of course, the issue is that someone always has to pay — and in this case, taxpayers would seem to be footing the bill.

But Democrat California Gov. Newsom, whose woke, authoritarian policies have been driving a widespread exodus from the state, told California Volunteers the College Corps made him “more proud…than anything” else he has done as governor. Which is a telling enough indictment against the program in and of itself.



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