Why Hasn't Kamala Harris Been to the Border? Watch Jen Psaki Turn Into a Human Emoji

Jen Psaki shrugs. Image from Rumble video.

We have a pretty good summation of the Biden administration in two brief yet illuminating video clips.

In the first clip, alleged Vice President Kamala Harris emerges from her exile to remind everyone why the White House handlers keep hiding her. She’ll likely not get a friendlier interviewer than cardboard man Lester Holt of NBC. He’s not trying to trap Harris in this exchange, he’s just asking an obvious question: Your boss gave you the job of handling the border but you haven’t visited the border. But you went to Guatemala (and that didn’t go well). Why?


Harris laughs uncomfortably and somehow segues to…Europe.


So that was early in the day. Later on at the White House press briefing a reporter teed up Circle-Back and Circle-the-Wagons girl Jen Psaki to give an answer. Psaki isn’t used to doing that—she’s more accustomed to performing Cirque do Soleil with words. But the words failed Psaki on this day, so she briefly became my favorite emoji: the classic ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Look, I’ve been a flak so I’m not entirely unsympathetic to Psaki’s plight here. At times you do wonder what possible bug got into the boss’s brain that has them saying and doing the things they are saying and doing. It can make you bang your head a bit. They put you into one untenable situation after another and may or may not care what you have to do to deal with it.

This one should be easy: Biden gave Harris a job, and she’s failed to do it. She hasn’t even bothered to show up for it. In fact, Harris is laughing at the nation at the mere suggestion that she should do it. That’s a no-win for Psaki, which is no great problem for anyone else, but it’s a mess for the country. This is who we’re stuck with. When they’re not erasing the very concept of motherhood in the federal budget, they’re making a mess of everything else and chipping away at the very notion of the nation and then cackling back if anyone notices.


When America sneezes, the world catches a cold, so they say.

Whatever on earth this administration is, it’s a whole lot worse than a sneeze.


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