With the Middle East on the Brink of War, Joe Biden Sends...Who?

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

You won’t believe who Joe Biden has sent over to deal with the war in Israel. Or maybe you will, given his track record thus far.

With violence escalating and Israel pulling off one of the best strategic uses of the worse-than-useless media in years, Joe Biden (or whoever is actually making his decisions) has dispatched an envoy to the crisis zone.

One would think the situation would call for a level-headed, even-tempered crisis veteran. A sure hand, someone who has earned the respect of key players in multiple factions of this conflict. Someone who knows the value of America’s word and her power.

Yes, one would think so. But this is the administration that thinks climate change is driving the chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Narrator voice: It’s not climate change. The chaos is coming from inside the White House.

This is the administration that threatened to cancel Fourth of July — and has, at Mt. Rushmore.

This is the administration “led” by the career politician who has been wrong on just about every foreign policy issue of my lifetime. And I’m not as young as I used to be.

With war and the rumors of war building to a crescendo in one of those places Donald Trump had brokered peace (through strength), Joe Biden has dispatched Hady Amr to deal with it.

Who’s that?

Well, about a year after 9-11, Hady Amr openly sided with the Palestinians. They would be among the combatants in the current conflict. Their leaders seek Israel’s total destruction.

“I was inspired by the Palestinian intifada,” Amr wrote.

The same individual accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” in this punchy 2002 screed.

For years, Congress has been generating resolutions as biased and unproductive as the May 2 vote. Why? The answer is clear: While the supporters of Sharon-like policies have spent the past decades giving up a significant portion of their free time and incomes to engage America’s core power structures, opponents of Israel’s ethnic cleansing “transfer” policies have been much less visible in the process. Although that is changing, it will require decades of dedicated hard work to achieve even-handedness.

There’s more there. Much more. That was also less than a year after 9-11. Amr has spent the years since amassing influence over the Democratic Party, in which he enjoys kindred spirit with the anti-Semitic “Squad,” including Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

If there are any reporters left in the White House press corpse (not a typo), one of them should ask Mr. Amr if he still agrees with that sentiment above or not. He should be required to explain his position in detail. The process by which he was selected for this job should be questioned as well. There will be emails and texts, the disclosure of which would prove enlightening.

Biden’s administration is not merely weak. It’s actively malevolent. Dispatching Amr — a public anti-Semite who has openly campaigned for Israel’s enemies to enjoy greater influence in the United States — to the Israel crisis is but the latest example.



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