[VIDEO] Watch Jen Psaki Lie About the Border

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Jen Psaki stepped to the podium at the White House on May 4, 2021, and told a series of blatant lies. Watch.

Psaki’s claims:

  1. The border issues began under Trump and his policies were to blame.
  2. Trump’s policies were “destructive and chaotic,” while Biden’s are “fair, orderly, and humane.”
  3. The Biden administration “immediately jumped into action” to address the migrant situation, which the previous administration had not done.
  4. The situation is now under control because unaccompanied children are spending less time in detention centers than they were a few weeks ago.

Trump’s policies, including building the wall that Biden stopped on day one, reduced the flow of illegal traffic across the border to a trickle. Biden literally ran for president using rhetoric telling migrants they could come to the U.S. illegally, no problem. Here’s one example.

Biden’s wife went to the border then, to exploit it and say the United States wasn’t letting enough people in. Now his administration wants to blame Trump for the massive numbers crossing? And say it’s all under control at the same time? Seriously?

As for “humane,” there’s nothing humane about fostering and abetting explosive growth in human trafficking and drug trafficking while enriching the cartels. There’s nothing “humane” about people enslaving themselves to coyotes and cartels for years if not decades as the price of being smuggled across the border. There’s nothing “humane” about destabilizing your neighboring country, which is exactly what enriching the cartels does. And there’s nothing “humane” about leaving American citizens to fend for themselves and have their property damaged and stolen while you rest comfortably behind walls and fences of security. Biden’s border is not orderly and it’s certainly not humane, and it’s deeply unfair to Americans and legal immigrants.


The Biden administration’s own head of Homeland Security, Alejandro Majorkas, has repeatedly said the numbers seen since January 2021 have been “extraordinary” and the most seen in 20 years. Psaki lied about that.

Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar has exposed Biden and calls the situation at the border a “crisis.” He says the numbers are still very high and thousands are being released with no notice to appear. “This is not under control, I can tell you that,” Cuellar told Fox News this week.


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