Woke British Leftist Says the Horrible, Genocidal Part Out Loud

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Claudia Webbe is a leftist member of the thoroughly Corbynized and radicalized British Labour Party (suspended for an issue I’ll get to later on) in Britain’s parliament. On Tuesday, she tweeted the following.



That Naziesque tweet wasn’t a one-off. Webbe followed it up with a thread outlining why she believes the rich should be “abolished.”

The British leftist left out a couple of things. One, the fact that as a member of Britain’s parliament, she’s rich. Two, Webbe failed to outline just what “abolishing” a whole group of human beings would entail.

Would it mean merely the forced confiscation of their property? Or would it mean going full Mao/Pol Pot and rounding them up into camps, psychologically abusing them, and murdering them all? Webbe doesn’t say. The devil really is in the details here.

Webbe also left out the fact that she was recently caught being greedy herself.

In February, she found to have breached the MP’s code of conduct after it emerged she had continued to claim – without declaring – a councillor’s allowance of almost £1,000 a month from the Islington authority for more than half a year after becoming an MP 100 miles north in Leicester. She said she made the profitable mistake because of the pressures of coronavirus.


That virus does instigate some odd side effects. It apparently made Gov. Gretchen Whitmer go full tyrant to the point of dictating what seeds a person could buy, and it caused Gov. Andrew Cuomo to kill thousands of senior citizens. It caused the Emmy people to hand him a trophy.

In Webbe’s case, it made her keep her hand in the cookie jar. Apparently, it also made her think a map that’s taught in British schools, right out there in the classrooms, was somehow “hidden” for nefarious reasons.

As to why Webbe is suspended from Labour, well, she has a Cuomo problem.

The former Islington councillor was suspended from the Labour Party in September after being charged with harassing a woman over a period of nearly two years. The 56-year-old denies the accusations and is due to stand trial later this year.

Coronavirus undoubtedly made her, and Cuomo, do that too. The virus is also a time machine.

Harassment, not having genocidal tendencies, got her suspended. Labour probably won’t bat an eye at her call to turn Labour into the Khmer Rouge.


Everything Webbe said in her “abolish the rich” tweet stream is nigh on nuts. But this nuttiness has a way of taking over leftist politics, where there are no limiting principles and where wokeness is always a game of virtue signal brinksmanship.

It was insane a couple of years ago to think any city council anywhere would actually “defund the police.” Then a whole bunch of them actually did it. It was nuts to think the Democrats would countenance violent rioting in the cities they control. But since late May of 2020, they’ve countenanced it and even encouraged it, while gaslighting Americans that it’s not happening at all. Watch for a member of the “squad” to try and one-up Webbe before too long. They can’t help themselves.


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