Missing Context Alert: Biden Appointee Wears Commie Hat, Claims the Russians Made Her Do It or Something

Psaki wears communist gift.

Jen Psaki leads a charmed life. She went from communications at the Obama campaign, to communications in the Obama government where she wielded tweets like Ahsoka Tano wields actual weapons, to CNN, and is now headed back to government to work for Joe Biden should he prevail in the currently disputed election. Say what you want about the Democrats, and there’s plenty to say, they and the mainstream media do reward their loyalists. That probably buys them a whole lot more loyalists. It’s quite the symbiotic relationship the Democrats, Big Media, and Big Tech have going.


Psaki tweets a lot, and she tweeted this Tuesday.

Psaki is of course tweeting about this photo, which resurfaced this week.

Biden appointee Jen Psaki wears hat featuring communist symbol, which she says the Russians gifted to her. That doesn’t mean she had to wear it.

Puppet alert!

The pink hat Psaki is wearing features a prominent red symbol of communism, the hammer and sickle. USA Today fact-checked the fracas after the photo resurfaced, helpfully telling the world that the hat was gifted to Psaki by a Russian propaganda official. Because that’s just what fact-checkers do. They help the world by framing it along with the strong suggestion we should not think for ourselves.

That doesn’t mean she had to wear the hat and grin in photos with the thing atop her head, because such a gift just might be a set-up by a foreign competitor to see what American leftists are willing or are dumb enough to do, or for some other reason, but ok, whatever, USA Today.


Is the hat made of real fur? That might get Psaki in trouble with the left, who largely aren’t bothered by the communism.

USAT accused those who spread the image around and got a good laugh out of it or found it disturbing (or both!) of “missing context,” and the paper does have a point. There is a great deal of context missing here.

For one thing, the Russians just might have been playing Psaki and her pal John Kerry for fools, which brings to mind the old saying involving candy and a baby. The Russians would soon thereafter annex the Ukrainian territory Crimea, over which a major war was fought back in the 19th century (“Charge of the Light Brigade” and all that), and Psaki’s State Department responded with…hashtags. Seriously. As if a salvo of tweets would stop an army or shame the likes of Putin. “Promise of hashtag” became one of the most laughable foreign policy moments during eight long years of them. Spoiler: Jen’s hashtags didn’t stop a thing.

So that’s some context. Thanks, USA Today, for the reminder.

If the Russians were playing the Dem duo for fools and/or laughs, it worked. Six years later, Psaki’s headed back to government after a stint in the stenographer media despite a record of embarrassing failure, and we’re talking about her wearing a hat with a communist symbol that ought to be despised, not propped atop any American official’s head ever.


Again, just because someone gives you something, it doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Otherwise we’d all be walking around wearing those ugly socks we’re bound to get for Christmas again. Well, if we were allowed to go anywhere. Thanks, communist China!

The hammer and sickle ought to be every bit as reviled as the Nazi swastika. Both are symbols of brutal regimes that murdered millions and enslaved many (and communist China enslaves many right now). Both are symbols of regimes that committed genocide — the Nazis against Jews mainly, and the Soviets against Ukraine mainly, but both regimes killed others en masse as well.

That’s certainly some context that’s missing from USAT’s fact check and from too many Americans’ understanding of socialism and communism.

They’re evil. No American should ever support either, or even wear a symbol of either. The hat should have been met with a “Thanks, but no thanks” response, instead of being placed atop Psaki’s head for photos. Biden is hiring someone who did wear the hammer and sickle, which is yet more context missing from the whole discussion. Couldn’t he find someone smart and strong enough not to have been spotted on social media wearing a symbol that represents oppression, enslavement and mass murder? Couldn’t have found an adult instead of the ever-adolescent narcissist John Kerry again? Is that too much to ask? Would he hire someone caught wearing a swastika?


What about a MAGA hat? Wearing one of those can get you beaten up on the streets by antifa (despite Biden’s opinion that it’s just an idea) or pilloried by the American media Psaki once (still? always will?) worked for. Just how far does Democrat-media loyalty go? Someone hand her a MAGA hat and let’s find out.

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