Communist China Using COVID-19 Crisis to Crack Down on Hong Kong

Protesters with protection gear hold up an umbrella and an American flag as they march through Sha Tin District in Hong Kong, Sunday, July 14, 2019. Opponents of a proposed Hong Kong extradition law have begun a protest march, adding to an outpouring of complaints the territory's pro-Beijing government is eroding its freedoms and autonomy. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

The Daily Mail reports that another fight has broken out in Hong Kong’s parliament. Pro-communist members have been pushing a measure that would criminalize “abuse” of the communist mainland’s national anthem.


Hong Kong’s parliament plunged into chaotic scuffles for the second time this month as pro-Beijing politicians took control of a key committee on Monday.

Securing the House Committee, which scrutinises bills before a second reading in the legislative council, paves the way for a debate on a bill that would make it a crime to insult China‘s national anthem.

For weeks pro-Beijing and pro-democracy have been arguing over the committee and today the tensions turned violent.

Pro-democracy legislators charged at more than 20 security guards who were surrounding pro-establishment lawmaker Chan Kin-Por.

“Pro-establishment,” meaning pro-communist. Yahoo News has video:


A number of lawmakers were ejected from the chamber after scuffles with their colleagues and Legislative Council security guards, who pro-democracy members accused of having lost their impartiality.

Apparently all of the lawmakers who were ejected were pro-democracy, anti-Beijing.

The Things China Doesn’t Want You To Know Twitter feed picks up the story. It calls the actions taken by the pro-communist forces a “coup.”


Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, I and others cast Hong Kong as the most important city in the world due to the possibility its pro-freedom protesters could crack the unelected and unaccountable communist regime in Beijing. What happens there could free a billion people and discredit communism once and for all.

If anything, Hong Kong is even more important now. Communist China’s early handling of the coronavirus outbreak has ruined the world for a time and forced some to rethink previous assumptions that China’s communists would peacefully learn to co-exist with the world.

They won’t. China has repeatedly proven it is bent on using the current crisis to take advantage and assert itself.

Beijing is moving now in the belief that the world is distracted by the coronavirus crisis. Hopefully, they are not right about that.

Hong Kong’s protesters sang our national anthem and proudly raised our flag. We must not forget them despite everything we are going through.


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