MOVIE: Kevin James Runs for His Life from the Coronavirus Karens In the Hilarious 'Out Of Touch'

Screenshot from Kevin James short film, Out of Touch

It’s easy to get depressed and cynical. So go ahead.

I’m kidding. A little. What day is it again?

I saw this short movie yesterday afternoon and it made my day. Most entertainment figures have played to type during the coronavirus pandemic, either offering us banal “we’re all in this together” nonsense from their yachts and mansions, or they’ve gone about mangling John Lennon’s garbage scow of a song, “Imagine.”


Not comedian Kevin James. He’s taking a different route. Kick back and take a look at what may be the performance of his career.

Kevin James, counterculture icon against a nation of hall monitor snitches? Why not. It wouldn’t even be the weirdest thing we’ve seen this month.


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