PolitiFact: Who are You Gonna Believe — Us or Your Lyin' Eyes?

Democrats raise their hands supporting health care for illegal immigrants

Here’s a fun tweet from the political activists at PolitiFact:


The Trump ad in question cited a fact that has been known since June 27. NBC News took a break from covering up Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring to host a presidential debate in Miami. The “Today Show’s” Savannah Guthrie asked the Democratic presidential candidates on stage that night a simple question: “Raise your hand if your government [health care] plan would provide coverage for illegal immigrants.”

Every single Democrat running for president on that stage raised their hand. Let’s go to the video — and note the audience’s reaction.

Trump’s ad stated: “They are all the same. These Democrats support giving illegal immigrants free health care at our expense.”

This call is about as straightforward as it gets. It’s not confusing. The Democrats were asked to raise their hands if their plan covers illegal immigrants, and they all did. “Coverage” in this context means giving illegal immigrants at least some, if not all,  health care coverage they would not otherwise have. The Democratic candidates literally raised their hands, on their own, and were applauded for it. The NY Post memorialized the moment with one of its trademark covers:

Since that debate, Elizabeth Warren has come out and said yes, her Medicare for All plan — which would cost as much as the total national budget plus — would give illegal immigrants free health care.


But none of that is enough for PolitiFact to be honest and state the obvious. In fact, as you can see in the tweet above, Politifact rated the totally true statement “Mostly False,” and as other Republicans repeat the totally true statement — which is that the Democrats who want to be president favor giving away free health care to illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense — PolitiFact rates those Republicans “Mostly False.” Twitter is having none of it.

PolitiFact is attempting to gaslight an entire country, in political service to the Democrats. And we’re still about a year away from the election.


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