Fed Up: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Warns Austin to Fix Its Homeless Mess—Or He Will

Trash piles up in Austin after its homeless camping policy was approved by Mayor Steve Adler (Image via Twitter)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott today opened a new front in the battle for Austin’s streets. Austin, the deeply blue capital of red Texas, implemented a policy change on July 1 allowing the homeless to camp out nearly anywhere they want around the city. I’ve previously written about the policy here, here, here, and here.


Since July 1, tent- and even shanty-camps have sprung up all over town, under overpasses and even in the median of Interstate 35. I-35 bisects Austin and is its busiest and second-most annoying major artery (with the title going to the Mopac Expressway most days). I frequently drive past one of these camps, which usually has from four to six full-size tents on both ends of the overpass. Other parts of town and downtown have it even worse, with reports of fecal matter, urine, used needles, public nudity, and even violent attacks increasing daily.

Mayor Steve Adler, a Democrat and author of the deeply misguided policy, and the Democrat-dominated city council have taken the issue up in recent council meetings — but left without actually doing anything. They did consider a policy that would have stopped camping on the University of Texas campus and on South Congress though, where it’s most visible to tourists. That policy would still have left most of the city grappling with the camping and all of its awful consequences.

Gov. Greg Abbott has evidently seen enough. Today he issued a stern letter to the Mayor of the Adlervilles, warning him that if the city fails to clean up its own mess, the State of Texas will no longer tolerate being messed with.


Reaction across Austin has been swift and extremely positive:

The Austin Police Association praised the governor’s move on Facebook.

The Austin Police Association, Chief of Police, DAA, several citizen groups and the Greater Austin Crime Commission warned the Mayor about changing the city ordinances. Now, the weight of the State of Texas is coming down on our city.

It’s not all bad news for the Austin Mayor Steve Adler though. The City of Austin did a good job of cleaning up trash today in the Ben White area. We wish ACL would come to town more often so the rest of the city can be cleaned up properly.

Heh. But seriously, no one really wishes ACL would happen more often. Don’t even joke about that.

Other elected officials also voiced support.


This is a glimpse of the problem the city has created for itself. Austinites see this and more, every single day.

Whether by design or accident (the latter being very unlikely), Gov. Abbott issued his warning to Austin on October 2—the 184th anniversary of the Battle of Gonzales. You may not have heard of that battle if you’re not from or never lived in Texas. It’s the “Come and take it” battle that started the Texas Revolution. That’s all.

Abbott’s action comes after months of the majority of Austin, including many who are on the left, calling for relief. Some publicly pleaded with Gov. Abbott to intercede. Austinites have tried to get Mayor Adler and the city to listen to their concerns, only to be ignored. If Gov. Abbott shames Austin into cleaning itself up, or ends up cleaning it up himself via the state agencies under his purview, the blue dot could turn a bit purple. Austin is clearly very fed up with the status quo.


Democrats and their media allies haven’t taken this possibility into account as they breathlessly hope for a Texas that’s turning blue.


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