Officer Darren Wilson Has to Live in Hiding, with Security from the Police Union

Former police Officer Darren Wilson has to move between safe houses, and despite the fact that he is no longer a police officer in Ferguson, MO, the police union is providing him personal security.


That’s thanks to the continued rabble rousing against him by Al Sharpton, and by President Barack Obama’s irresponsible actions this week.

Jim Pasco, executive director of the national Fraternal Order of Police, said local FOP members have been voluntarily providing Wilson’s security that has included their involvement in shuttling the officer among undisclosed locations since his involvement in the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown.

“I don’t know how he can live a normal life,” Pasco said, adding that his “days as a cop are over.”

“We’ll work with him as long as necessary,” he said.

That’s likely to be a long time. If the furor dies down, rest assured that someone will stir it back up for political gain.

Sharpton et al claim that since a grand jury declined to indict him, Wilson faces no repercussions for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown on August 9. Like the “hands up, don’t shoot” claim regarding Brown’s actions, that’s obviously a lie — just one of many in the notorious career of the political preacher.


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