Univision Staffer Rejects RNC Press Release 'Because I am a Democrat'

This is outrageous. In my old job with the Texas GOP I met with Univision executives and anchors a few times. Univision claims that it wants to be a fair broker to both political parties, but it is increasingly revealing that it’s completely in the tank for the Democrats — even more than the English-language mainstream media.


This email screen shot speaks for itself, and also says quite a lot. It’s a reply from someone who works in Univision. That person received a press release from the RNC’s Communications/Research department. And rejected it out of hand “because I am a Democrat and do not need to read your viewpoints.”

You couldn’t even forward the email to someone who is more open and tolerant?


The email says “entravision,” which may be confusing. Entravision “is the largest affiliate group of both the top-ranked Univision television network and Univision’s UniMas network, with television stations in 19 of the nation’s top 50 Latino markets. The company owns and/or operates 56 primary television stations and also operates one of the nation’s largest groups of primarily Spanish-language radio stations, consisting of 49 owned and operated radio stations. Additionally, Entravision has a variety of cross-platform digital content and sales offerings designed to capitalize on the company’s leadership position within the Latino broadcasting community.”

So this is a Univision person. The question is, is this Univision policy?


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