Is Marco Rubio Finally Getting It, On Immigration?

What did I write yesterday about how the Republicans should handle immigration reform this year? Do the TV dream sequence thingy:

Instead of offering Ryan’s plan or the Senate plan, Republicans should be arguing that the president and party of healthcare “reform” — Obamacare — are not competent to handle immigration reform, and cannot be trusted to live within whatever law is passed.


Perhaps the senator from Florida is listening.

Rubio said doubts about Obama and his team colored his conversations with lawmakers he had hoped to persuade to back the immigration overhaul, now stalled in the House.

“The central impediment to making progress on this issue was people would say to me, ‘We understand that you put all this security stuff in the bill, but we don’t think it matters and we just don’t think government will enforce the law anyway,'” Rubio told reporters at a breakfast organized by The Wall Street Journal.

“‘You can write whatever you want in that bill. But the federal government will not enforce the law.’ As a result, they will just do the legalization part but they won’t do the enforcement part.”



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