Cruz: House GOP's Amnesty Push Threatens the Chance to Re-Take the Senate

The Texas senator is not wrong. In fact, he’s right.

“Right now, Republican leadership in both chambers is aggressively urging members to stand down on virtually every front: on the continuing resolution, on the budget, on the farm bill, on the debt ceiling,” Cruz said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News on Thursday.

He continued:

They may or may not be right, but their argument is that we should focus exclusively on Obamacare and on jobs. In that context, why on earth would the House dive into immigration right now? It makes no sense, unless you’re Harry Reid. Republicans are poised for an historic election this fall–a conservative tidal wave much like 2010. The biggest thing we could do to mess that up would be if the House passed an amnesty bill–or any bill perceived as an amnesty bill–that demoralized voters going into November. Rather than responding to the big-money lobbying on K Street, we need to make sure working-class Americans show up by the millions to reject Obamacare and vote out the Democrats. Amnesty will ensure they stay home.


It’s hard to turn out, block walk, blog, advocate and fight for a party that secretly thinks you’re a racist because you stand on the principle of law and order. This goes hand in hand with being allied with people who want you to shut up. At some point, it all becomes enough, and you do shut up, and you do stay home.

The Republicans could do one  or two things right now that stand the chance of destroying their 2014 advantage. They could embrace Obamacare, or they could embrace amnesty. Either one is a deal-killer for a large segment of the party base and will keep many Republicans home in November.


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