Democrats, Media Keep Revealing Their Totalitarian Tendencies

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is just the latest Democrat to pop off with an extreme, intolerant statement regarding Americans with whom he disagrees over political issues. His remarks are telling, for their bigotry, self-centeredness and shamelessness.


Cuomo singled out mainstream conservatives as “extremists” during a radio interview, and said that we have “no place in New York.”

Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.

Believing in the right to life was once a mainstream position within the Democratic Party. Former pro-life Democrats include Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton and even the late Ted Kennedy. Believing in the traditional definition of marriage was not “anti-gay,” but was Barack Obama’s own policy until he was running for re-election in 2012.

But as the Democrat Party has become dependent on class warfare, racial and social division, and funding from the labor unions and the abortion industry for its political survival, it has moved far to the left and become rigidly ideological on abortion, redefining marriage and a number of other social issues. President Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president in American history. As a state senator in Illinois, he voted against protections for babies born alive during botched abortion procedures. His position on partial birth abortion makes him objectively pro-infanticide, and is an extreme position that a majority of Americans reject. He is using his health care law to impose his beliefs regarding abortion and birth control on Americans who reject them on religious conscience grounds. He is forcing them to defend their basic, constitutional rights in court, rather than allow any room for disagreement with his policies.


Even in conservative Texas, the Democrats have hitched their wagon to the abortion industry’s local champion, state Sen. Wendy Davis. Despite the fact that she has been exposed as a dishonest person who may have committed perjury, and who may have used a wealthy lawyer in a sugar baby arrangement in order to pursue her career, the Democrats continue to back her. Davis rose to fame not because of any legislative achievement, but because she filibustered a reasonable bill that, among other things, protects Texas women from unscrupulous abortion doctors and unsanitary facilities, and protects the unborn after viability. Incredibly, and incredibly dishonestly, the Democrats and Davis claim that they are “standing with Texas women.” The reality is that they are standing with an industry that seeks to escape all reasonable regulations, and which preys on and lies to women.

Yet, no Republican leader steps up to declare that any Democrat “has no place” in Texas. Nor should they.

The consequences of turning a blind eye to the abortion industry appeared in Pennsylvania, in the slaughter house run by Dr. Kermit Gosnell. His heinous crimes, for which he has been sentenced to life in prison, have caused no self-reflection in Democrats or their enabling media.

Cuomo is an extremist, and he joins other Democrats who have sought to push mainstream views completely out of the national conversation. Rather than win arguments on the merits, Cuomo, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Boston Mayor Tom Menino and other Democrats are making mainstream, traditional beliefs taboo, while they seek to make what was once taboo mainstream. “They have no place here” could be a Democrat Party slogan. Cuomo, Emanuel and Menino all offered versions of that statement against traditional beliefs on abortion, marriage and self-defense rights. They remain in good standing with their president and their party.


The media continue enabling the Democrats’ extremism. Cuomo’s comments were reported in the NY Post, but the rest of the media have mostly given him a pass while they continue chasing Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal en masse. Cable networks CNN and MSNBC have so far steered clear of any in-depth reporting on Cuomo’s statement. Likewise, while the Dallas Morning News’ Wayne Slater exposed Davis’ embellishing of her own personal story, her hometown Fort Worth Star-Telegram chose to run a heavily edited version of that story, and an AP story that glosses over the worst parts of Davis’ tales. Local media in Austin, the capitol of Texas and hub of state politics, are following the story but casting it less in terms of her honesty and fitness than in the political process of running for governor and “personal attacks” on her. When the truth becomes a “personal attack,” perhaps the candidate has problems that merit media examination.

The national media have taken the AP’s cue, and run only shortened versions of the Davis story that include her attempt to blame her own misstatements on her GOP opponent.

The fact is, if Democrats had their way there would be no opposition to them at all. All traditional beliefs would be swept aside and the church, to the extent that is allowed to exist, would be co-opted by politicians and used for their own ends. President Obama signaled the Democrats’ public shift to intolerance when he joked, in 2009, about using the IRS against his opponents. The IRS did become a weapon against groups that formed to object to his policies, and may have done so much damage to Obama’s opponents that he won a second term he would not have won without the IRS’ abuse. He has set the tone that his party and the media are now following, to the letter. Their endgame is to push traditional beliefs, indeed anything that offers any alternative to government power and authority, out of politics at every level of American life. Faith is no longer protected by the First Amendment, as long as today’s Democrats have power.


Even if you like your church and love your God, the Democrats and the media are seeing to it that you cannot keep them.




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