MSNBC's Chris Hayes May Soon Find Out that the First Amendment Doesn't Guarantee Anyone Their Own Show on Cable

So, leftist religious broadcaster MSNBC is taking A&E’s side in the Duck war. That’s their right, although, like the network’s unyielding support for Barack Obama, it’s a minority position. But when the Nation’s Richard Kim suggested today that if Phil Robertson and Bobby Jindal tried anal sex, they might like it, and host Chris Hayes giggled and said he wished Kim had gotten to do the GQ interview so he could ask them that question, well, honestly I don’t even know what to say.


For an ideology that talks a great deal about keeping everyone out of everyone else’s bedroom, they sure put their bedrooms into everyone else’s face.

MSNBC used to be watchable, several years ago.  Are there any standards at that network now? There must be, else Martin Bashir wouldn’t have left by “mutual consent.” His sin, though, was wishing for Sarah Palin’s physical assault in scripted comments, not just being offensive and gross. He was both of those, too.

MSNBC’s standards must be the loosest in the industry. Hosts don’t have to generate ratings. They don’t have to clean up their acts any better than locker room level. They don’t really have to make any sense at all. They don’t have to make sure that their guests aren’t disgusting. They just have to toe the leftist line reliably.

h/t Weasel Zippers



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