So Katy Perry's Grammy Performance Was Racist Now?

The Puffington Host is on the case. Because that’s what they do. They determine stories by their search engine optimization possibilities, run them through the “X is offensive because Y” macro, hit publish.


Katy Perry opened the American Music Awards on Sunday night dressed as a geisha while belting out her latest single “Unconditionally.”

Although the stage aesthetics and colorful attire were quite beautiful, Perry is being called racist for sexualizing a traditional Japanese female figure, who is paid to serve as a hostess and excels in the art of entertainment, reports The Huffington Post.

The opening act included cherry blossoms, a Shinto shrine and taiko drummers. Perry appeared on stage draped in a kimono along with several dozen dancers wearing the cultural garb. Shortly after her performance ended, though, the critics began sounding off. led their coverage by asking “Was Katy Perry’s AMAs performance racist?” but’s writer Jesse David Fox wasn’t so diplomatic in his approach. He compared her showing to other “racially tut-tutted” performances.

Whatever. The Grammys are among those boring awards show I only watch if I absolutely have to. There are approximately 3,720 better ways to spend one’s time than watching egos who mostly attack what I believe in stroke each other. In this case, I’m offended that people keep getting offended at everything. We’ve built cities and empires and come to this pinnacle of civilization, only to take offense at every single thing about it.


The only opinion I have about the actual show is that Katy Perry is the worst looking geisha in the history of geishas. I have some Japanese roots. This is awful.





I’ve seen better geishas on Halloween. I hope it’s not racist to say that Perry’s getup looks more like a clown costume than anything else.


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