Samantha Power Still Kinda Sorta Wants to Go to War in Syria

Obama’s Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power,  is defending Obama’s policy on Syria, whatever that policy actually is, according to Politico.

Power is keen on believing Assad when he and the Russians say that he is destroying his chemical weapons, which the Russians (and maybe the Iraqis) supplied him.


“It is a very good thing for the world and a good thing for the Syrian people that Assad’s chemical weapons are being taken away,” Power said at a POLITICO Women Rule event at The Willard Hotel in Washington. “By the same token, none of us can be satisfied” with that step alone, she added.

It’s not a very good thing for the world that the Obama administration is taking Assad’s word, and is allowing the Iranians to proceed with their nuclear weapons program. Not good at all.

Power wants the American people to be very aware that Obama is very aware of the problems in Syria, for some reason. The American people don’t really want either side in Syria to win, since both sides are bad. The American people aren’t keen on Obama’s particular brand of blame-everyone-but-myself-for-all-my-problems leadership.

Power said the Obama administration and Obama personally remain closely focused on the violence and civilian deaths in Syrian’s civil war.

“President Obama has put in play every other tool in the toolbox, short of military action — short of engaging Syria,” she said. “I’d be careful about suggesting we are not taking the atrocities seriously. This is something the president gets briefed on every day. He’s always asking what we can do.”


I believe President Obama skips his “Syria is still Syria” briefing right after his “Al Qaeda is still on the run” briefing, and just before his “Obamacare is still teh suxx” briefing.


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