White House Email: Hey, Look, Five People Have Signed Up for Obamacare!

By five, I mean, literally, five. Here’s an image from today’s email from the White House.



From a communications perspective, this is a pretty stupid email. Everyone who has been paying attention knows that Healthcare.gov is a gigantic mess, and most people who have logged onto it have not been able to buy insurance through it. Everyone also knows that the White House and HHS have been hiding the ball on Obamacare’s enrollment numbers from the beginning. How may have enrolled? That’s for them to not really know and for you certainly not to find out.


So, in effect, the first hard number that the White House releases is five.

One of the five highlights another idiotic aspect of Obamacare.



It covers all sorts of stuff! If you can afford it.

Psst — nobody tell Daniel that Obamacare forces him to pay for services that he, as a man, could never possibly use! Unless he wants to get himself on the pill, anyway. Does the bronze plan cover sex changes?

The fact is, Daniel and all other Americans have been forced into the health insurance high-risk pool regardless of their age or health status. As a young man, Daniel is either getting subsidized through someone else’s policy and taxes, or he is subsidizing others by paying his own way. And the even better news is, Daniel now has to buy this insurance or face off against the IRS.



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