Wendy Davis Campaign Video Shows Lots of Stock Footage, Never Mentions Abortion

Casement being escorted to the gallows in 1916.

State Sen. Wendy Davis’ rise to fame is due to one thing, her defense of late-term abortions and of lax health standards at abortion clinics. She filibustered a bill that banned abortions after five months and would have maintained abortion clinic standards that would have kept the likes of Kermit Gosnell from getting caught. Without that filibuster, she’s just another state senator in Texas.


Her campaign has rolled out a video to introduce Davis to Texas voters. It never mentions abortion at all. Instead, it builds up a case that Davis is a self-made woman who strongly supports Texas traditions and business.

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Davis’ support for business is highly questionable. She supports the same Democratic agenda that is bankrupting California and chasing businesses from blue states to Texas in record numbers. She supports the Obama agenda that is bankrupting coal-fired power plants and driving energy prices skyward. Wendy Davis supports Obamacare. If elected governor of Texas, the liberal state senator could be expected to push that blue state agenda in the Lone Star State. Otherwise, why would she be running?

The video, overall, is notable for a couple of other choices. One, it spends much of its time lauding Davis’ record on the Fort Worth city council, not the state Senate. While in the Texas Senate, Davis has compiled one of the most liberal voting records around. That’s a record that is worth avoiding. While she was on the Fort Worth council, Davis joined other municipal officials like Michael Bloomberg and sought to curb Second Amendment rights in the city. Like her record on abortion, the video does not mention Wendy Davis’ record on guns.


The video does show lots and lots of Texas stock footage of the type that any producer anywhere can buy online — football stadiums, ranches and oil wells, the Texas flag riding a breeze, cowboy boots — all the things about Texas that liberals openly hate. She obviously isn’t playing to her base in this video, but is disguising her real record to present a moderate image.

Davis also does a bobble head act, shaking her head from side to side while she narrates on camera — physically saying “No” — as she praises Texas. It’s probably just a personal tic, but it comes off as though she is rejecting the words coming out of her own mouth.


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