BuzzFeed's '40 Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Should Own' Written by Blogger Who Uses Childhood Photo as His Avatar

This guy:


Wrote this article:


The list itself, undermined as it is by the author’s choice of avatar, is mostly good but too metrosexual for me. I own most of the items on it. It does leans a bit too much on drinking. Seriously, every man should own a flask? To me that’s the sign of a man who already has or will have a problem.


The list is glaringly missing:


A man knows his limitations. Life is hard enough. Get the map to help you get where you need to go.



A firearm, chosen by you for your needs and comfort level, and the knowledge and wisdom to use it safely for self-defense. It’s a dangerous world out there. It will always be a dangerous world out there. If you live in the country, you have dangerous varmints. If you live in the city, you also have dangerous varmints. In the event that you grow up and become an adult, others will depend on you for their safety. The first item on my list will help you make wise decisions. The one directly above will help you be ready to protect your loved ones and yourself. That’s what a man does.



A working knowledge of major sports. Know how to catch and throw footballs and baseballs. Know how to dribble a basketball. You won’t believe how many doors this will open, plus you won’t look like a doofus when sports come up in conversation. Sports always comes up in conversation whenever a few men talk about anything. Always. Know what “How ’bout them (insert name of local sports team here)!” means.


What would you add to the list of things a proper adult man should own?


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