Rand Paul > Marco Rubio

That headline is made from words I never thought I’d write in that sequence. But it’s a fact.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)  introduced an amendment Thursday to the Senate immigration bill that would effectively strip the bill’s path to citizenship and require illegal immigrants to apply through regular channels.

The “No New Pathway to Citizenship Act” amendment would allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States as Registered Provisional Immigrants — a new work visa category — but force them to apply as though they were still in their home country.


In other words, it actually does what Rubio and his Gang claim their 24-pound bill does — it sends lawbreaking aliens to the back of the line if they want to get right with the law. For that reason, it has no chance of passing.

It’s like these guys love to have attack videos made highlighting what dishonest hypocrites and sellouts they are.

Well, I’m living proof that it doesn’t take a massive studio to make those videos. Have laptop, will strike.



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