House Ways & Means Committe Calls Tea Party Groups to Testify in IRS Abuse Hearing

Tea Party groups that were abused by the Internal Revenue Service will get their day or days in court. The House Ways and Means Committee, which has already held a pivotal hearing in the IRS abuse scandal, will hear testimony from the agency’s victims.


The hearing is the first scheduled with Tea Party groups, and the fifth in general focusing on the IRS’s targeting of groups seeking tax-exempt status. Ways and Means held the first hearing on the issue on May 17 and is now scheduled to be the first to hold multiple hearings on the matter.

Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.), in the announcement on the hearing, made clear that lawmakers still have plenty of questions about how and why the targeting happened, and who authorized it.

“While we now know that the IRS began targeting individuals based on their personal beliefs three years ago, we still need to know who began this targeting and why, and we need to understand how individuals were affected by the IRS’s abuse,” Camp said in a statement.

“This hearing will provide a voice to those Americans who wound up under the IRS’s political microscope on the basis of their beliefs.”

Ways and Means is also using the web to find more victims. On its web site, the committee invites groups to share their stories with the committee for possible inclusion in future hearings and testimony.



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