How Many Will Get Legalized by the Gang of Eight's Immigration Plan? Senator Says More than the Entire State of Texas!

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) does the math on the Gang of Eight’s immigration plan and finds that it will legalize far more people than advertised. In fact, according to Sessions, the bill would bring in more people than the population of the entire state of Texas.


“Under current law, we would have 10 million people added legally into America over the next 10 years,” Sessions told Andrea Tantaros today. “If we pass this bill, it looks to be at least 30 million will be added. With the annual flow up at least 50%, plus 11 million, plus 5 million who will be in a backlog status. This would dramatically increase the number of people legally being accepted in America.”

The current population of Texas is about 26 million. It’s the second most populous state in the US, after California.

Sessions added that the American people are unaware of just how large the increase would be. He added that the massive influx will hurt Americans and legal immigrants who are already here, economically.

“Think about a recent immigrant who’s just out there and beginning to work legally. And low skill Americans who don’t have computer skills…their wages have not gone up. Unemployment is very high. Last month we added only 88,000 jobs, which is well below what you need to maintain current levels of employment. And 486,000 dropped out of the workforce entirely. We don’t have a shortage of workers. We have unemployed at very high levels and we need to be moving the people of America off welfare, off dependency, into the workforce,” Sessions said. “We just can’t say that,well, we’re having a hard time getting workers at this salary and therefore I’m entitled to bring in large numbers of low wage workers. That’s not the right approach for America.”


Sen. Sessions made his remarks on the Andrea Tantaros Show. Listen to the entire interview here.

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