Americans Keep Voting Against Blue State Policies with Their Feet

According to a study released by United Van Lines, Americans continue fleeing many of the policies pushed by the Obama administration and its Democrat allies. Four of the top five states seeing more outward migration than inward are blue states that voted for Obama’s re-election. The lone exception is a recently turned red state that is being devastated by the Obama government’s war on coal.


The top five states seeing their citizens leave include New Mexico at number five, New York, West Virginia, Illinois and New Jersey at number one. All of these states are forced union membership states, as are all of the other five in the top ten states that are losing residents. Two have Republican governors, New Mexico with Gov. Susanna Martinez and New Jersey with Chris Christie, but all five still have Democratic big government policies on taxes and spending — meaning, they tax too much and spend too much. New Mexico may be losing most of its outbound to next door Texas, which is home to the lion’s share of the new jobs being created despite the Obama economy.

Notably, Washington DC, which has been enjoying a boom thanks to Obama’s growing government, is seeing a strong inbound flow. People know where the jobs are.

One problem that the red states face as a result of this migration: Blue staters escape the collapsing economies their own votes have helped create, then move to red states, but keep voting for those same destructive Democratic policies.


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