This Crazed Gun Nut Must Be Stopped!!!11!1!

The above photo caused a medium-sized stir on a Facebook page devoted to hating and castigating Republicans.

The photo was shared hundreds of times, and the man in it was insulted dozens of ways. Well, dozens of times in the same way.


As people commented, a certain theme caught on: “*over compensating* me thinks 0.o”, “Laugh at my small dick now!”, “One inch penis.”, “Dude…I am SO sorry about your tiny penis!”, ” Bwahahahaha!!!!!! Of course he needs a weapon like that!!!! WTF!!! This proves so many theories to be true! Thank you :)))”, etc.

One commenter suggested that the man in the photo is a killer in the making.

“Nice…. Military grade High Caliber Sniper rifle… ( I used one similar to this one in the Marine Corps. ) Able to punch a 5″ hole in the flesh of a deer at 1K ft… Completely useless for hunting.. Unless you’re hunting dinosaurs.”

Problem: The gun is a video game prop. As in, not real. At all.




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