Breaking: Gov. Nikki Haley Names Tim Scott to Succeed Jim DeMint in the US Senate

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is naming Rep. Tim Scott to the US Senate seat being vacated by outgoing Sen. Jim DeMint. Scott is known for being a solidly conservative, Tea Party style representative. He has served one term in the US House and in November, won his second term.


More from the NYT:

For Republicans, Mr. Scott, who lives in Charleston, offers a unique story and background, one that is in scant supply in their party right now. Raised by a single mother, he was, by his account, a lost child who struggled with school and with life until he a Chick-fil-A franchise owner who took him on as a protégé, schooling him in conservative principles.

“Coming from a single-parent household and almost flunking out of high school,” Mr. Scott said in 2010, during his bid for the House, “my hope is I will take that experience and help people bring out the best that they can be.”



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