Liberals Predictably Call for Gun Control

It didn’t take long. We’re not even allowed to mourn anymore, before liberals take the opportunity that a tragedy presents them to come after the millions of innocent Americans who had no role in and nothing to do with the tragedy in Connecticut.


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg moved swiftly, calling on “immediate action” from the federal government to impose a “national response.”

Boston Mayor Tom Menino, the man who wanted to ban Chick-Fil-A, was not far behind, also calling for a “national policy.”

They followed President Obama calling for the nation to “come together and take meaningful action” in his statement this afternoon.

We have a national policy. It’s called the Second Amendment.

Men like Bloomberg and Menino and the others who will surely follow them want to manipulate our emotions into making decisions that they have always favored.They are consistently slow to blame the guilty but quick to blame everyone else.

They don’t have the answers to what happened in Connecticut today. If they did, their own cities would be safer than they are. Menino’s call for a ban on automatic weapons doesn’t even account for the facts of today’s horror: It was committed with semi-automatic weapons.

Semi-automatic weapons are not new. They have been around for more than 100 years. They are not necessarily more powerful than other weapons.

We have not had frequent mass murders, mostly by young white men against unarmed populations, for all of those 100 years. The ghastly actions of a few are new, and they come in a time when overall violent crime is on the decrease. Today’s horror hits all of us with kids in school in the gut. Children are among the most defenseless among us. We’re made to feel like suspects anytime we visit our children at school, with the lockdown policies and sign-in policies, but those policies address a need. After today, it’s worth asking if those policies fulfill the need.


We all want to make sense of this. We all reach to our preferred conclusions first. Is it too much to ask that we allow the facts to come out before leaping to conclusions?

Apparently, it is. Apparently it’s too much to ask for time to grieve and mourn and give our own kids a hug before we have to get back into the political arena and defend ourselves in combat with the blood trolls.

More: Apparently the appropriate period to wait before making political points out of tragedy is three hours.


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