'Non-Partisan' Voter Particaption Center's Director Donates Generously to One Party

Disrupt the Narrative continues to disrupt the Voter Participation Center’s narrative that it is a non-partisan entity. Founder and director Page S. Gardner is not only a career Democrat Party operative who hauls in $190,000 per year operating the VPC, she is a very active donor to political candidates.


Since 1996, Gardner has donated more than $47,000 to political candidates and causes. Recipients of Gardner’s donations include Mark Warner, Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Bob Casey, the Democratic Party of Virginia, John Kerry, Donna Edwards, HILLPAC, Barbara Boxer, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, and Emily’s List.

100% of Gardner’s donations have gone to Democratic Party candidates and causes. Click on the Disrupt the Narrative link to see the breakdown.



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