Actually, Mr. President, You Did Ask for an Argument

As Bridget noted in real time, President Obama did not like getting some pushback on his amnesty policy today. In fact, he came within an inch of losing his cool.


The sound bite coming out of that exchange is that the president said he isn’t asking for any arguments. That simply is not true, or given our representative republic, should not be true.

The president announced a major policy change that impacts not just the 800,000 illegal aliens who benefit, but also the entire country. By circumventing Congress, it impacts our rule of law. By announcing it in a way that suggests its political origins, it impacts the presidential race.

If the president expected no arguments, then he is deluded. If he will brook no arguments, then he is unfit for the office. He is not a king, and we are not his subjects. We have a duty to push back if we believe that his actions are wrong or illegal, both of which may apply to today’s seismic policy shift.

But the fact is, President Obama damn well knew that he was provoking an argument, and he expects that argument to get heated in ways that will help him keep his job. He also expects to win it.

He will not.

Update: The president asked for, and is getting, an argument: Rep. Steve King says he is preparing to sue to stop Obama.


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