Obama: I was Just Too Busy to Help Tom Barrett in Wisconsin Last Week. Really. I Swear.

Why didn’t Obama come out to campaign for Tom Barrett in Wisconsin last week? He’s the prez, and he’s just too busy for that stuff.

In his first public comments about the election, Obama responded to a question about his decision not to appear in the state to support the Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, by explaining that he has “a lot of responsibilities” as president.


The Wisconsin recall was on June 5. On June 1, President Obama was in Chicago for campaign fundraising. The president spent June 2 and 3 at Camp David for a little r&r, before hosting a reception at the White House. On June 4, he was in New York, campaigning. On June 5, he attended a briefing. On June 6, he went to California, to campaign. On June 7, he went to Nevada, to campaign.

The president may have a point. He was too busy campaigning to have any time for campaigning.

The president did manage to work in another lie in today’s interview.

In the interview, Obama dismissed the notion that the outcome was a referendum on his record and his popularity in Wisconsin.

“I think probably you have specific circumstances in Wisconsin,” he said. “Keep in mind, it’s pretty unusual when a governor attracts this kind of attention in the middle of his term. My suspicion is that all across this country, governors who are having to deal with tough budgets have to make tough decisions. But one of the lessons learned is that it is better to make them with people, as opposed to against people.”

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