And...Gingrich Starts Running to Romney's Left Again (Update: Gingrich Pulls the Ad)

On Romney’s wealth:

Appearing at a presidential candidate forum with the Spanish-language station Univision, Gingrich said that Romney’s call for having illegal immigrants return to their home countries is vastly inferior to the former House speaker’s plan to let some longtime immigrants stay in the United States.

“I think you have to live in worlds of Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island accounts and automatic $20-million-a-year income with no work to have some fantasy this far from reality,” Gingrich said, jabbing at some of the details of Romney’s self-released income taxes this week.

By comparison, Gingrich said, his approach to immigration includes “people who have been here for a long time, who are grandmothers and grandfathers, who have been paying their bills, they’ve been working. Now, for Romney to believe that somebody’s grandmother is going to be so cut off she is going to self deport? This … is an Obama-level fantasy.”


Policy aside, Gingrich has also dubbed Romney “the most anti-immigrant candidate” in a Spanish-language pander ad in Florida. Sen. Marco Rubio is blasting Gingrich for the ad, and Florida Hispanic leaders are calling for Gingrich to take the misleading ad down. Romney’s position is arguably more popular among Republican voters than Gingrich’s, so by implication Gingrich is suggesting that the party’s base is “anti-immigrant.” Romney also made his own huge pander error, quoting Castro in a speech to Cuban-Americans. So smart! Between the tax issue and this, it’s fair to wonder loudly what Romney is getting for the millions he is spending on his campaign.

It’s depressing watching the two leading GOP presidential candidates run tactically to the left before they even get out of the primary. Both Romney and Gingrich are doing fine jobs of destroying whatever remains of their conservative credentials.

Update: Gingrich pulls the ad.



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