Pakistanis get snarky over our downed stealth helicopter

Begun, the cold war with Pakistan has.

The U.S. has already asked the Pakistanis for the helicopter wreckage back, but one Pakistani official told ABC News the Chinese were also “very interested” in seeing the remains. Another official said, “We might let them [the Chinese] take a look.”

A U.S. official said he did not know if the Pakistanis had offered a peek to the Chinese, but said he would be “shocked” if the Chinese hadn’t already been given access to the damaged aircraft.


So let’s get this straight. Pakistan propped up the Taliban in Afghanistan, which worked with and harbored al Qaeda for years before 9-11 and refused to get out of the way after 9-11. Pakistan then harbored Osama bin Laden for years, all the while we were hunting for him. We go into Pakistan and get him. And the Pakistanis response is to hint that they will let another hostile power “take a look” at our downed tech.

It’s hard to see how all this ends well. But that has been true since 9-11-01.


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