Voter ID moves ahead in Texas

I was on KRLD radio in Dallas earlier this morning with Scott Braddock and Mitch Carr, debating Democratic strategist Harold Cook on whether voter ID should pass in the current Texas legislative session.  Voter ID – requiring voters to show valid government-issued photo ID before allowing them to cast a vote – has been a hot issue in Texas for years.  Polls consistently show that Texans overwhelmingly support voter ID, but the Democrats have just as consistently blocked it.  They brought the 2009 legislature to a grinding halt to stop a sensible voter ID bill.  But the Democrats have been relegated to a tiny 49-seat minority in the state House this year, and voter ID is moving along and is likely to pass.  I made one point in all this that bears repeating here: The Democrats have shown a clear and consistent pattern of fighting against commonsense security.  They don’t want to secure our border, and they don’t want to secure our vote.  I think the two issues are connected.


Update:  Here’s audio of the debate.
Voter ID Debate by Scott Braddock


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